Thank you for reaching out for training or technical assistance related to the implementation of culturally and linguistically appropriate behavioral health practices for Latine populations. This brief form will help us gather information about you, enabling us to create a more detailed offering that aligns with your specific needs.

The Hispanic/Latino Behavioral Health Center of Excellence has a wide range of experts available through our consultants, subject matter experts, partner organizations, and our steering committee. Leveraging the knowledge and skills of these experts, we are committed to providing up-to-date training, technical assistance and widely available resources. By completing this TTA request form, we can customize assistance tailored to your specific needs and requests.

Expect to be contacted within 48 business hours after submitting this form. If you encounter any issues or have urgent needs before then, please reach out to .Thank you!

*Please be aware that the Hispanic/Latino Behavioral Health Center of Excellence is unable to assist in obtaining grants or funding for your organization. The Center focuses on providing no-cost training and assistance to help establish, develop, or implement your services, enhance workforce development, consult and share evidence-based best practices.

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